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How To Get Hot Leads From Instagram


As social media continues to cement its place as a core component of the modern marketing strategy, social media platforms have become dominant marketplaces of leads and conversions.

One such platform is Instagram. With more than 1 billion monthly active users as of June 2018 – it is more than just your typical photo-sharing app. Such high engagement makes it one of the most exciting prospects for lead generation.

More than 2 million businesses connect with their audiences through Instagram, and 90% of all accounts follow a business account on Instagram. However, acquiring qualified leads from Instagram takes more than posting pictures on the daily.

Before we focus on how you can acquire leads, we should understand the typical Instagram buyer funnel.

The Instagram Buyer’s Funnel

Getting hot leads from Instagram involves more than a few hashtags stuffed posts here and there. In fact, you can even be penalized for using too many hashtags in your posts; that’s why it is essential to have a plan in place before using Instagram for marketing.

An Instagram buyers’ funnel helps you warm up your prospects to your brands and offerings. It’s based on the Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) model. Taking your prospects through these stages ensures that you have hot leads that require little effort until they are ready to buy.

Top Of The Funnel

The top of the Instagram Buyers’ funnel includes your followers. These should be people from your target audience that may be interested in your product. The higher the percentage of followers that you have from your core demographic, the higher your chance at increasing conversions.

The average rate of conversion is around 3% across different industries. If you have 1000 followers, a 3% conversion rate means that 30 people are buying from you. Take your followers to 1,000,000 and you have 30,000 customers.

Get the point?  The more people you have at the top of your funnel, the more chance you have of increasing your revenue. This is why so many Instagram marketing tactics are directed towards increasing your fan count.

Middle Of The Funnel

With a growing Instagram following, keep an eye on engagement rates with your posts. That’s because followers who like, share, and comment on your posts are in the middle of your Instagram Buyer’s funnel.

While having a large number of followers is beneficial, it only positively impacts your bottom line when you push them towards the latter stages of the funnel.

You need to engage middle funnel prospects by asking questions in your posts, replying to their comments and queries. Don’t forget the CTA to your bio, where you can funnel your prospects towards your landing page. Since the prospects are using their cellphones, make sure the website you take them to, is optimized for mobile

Bottom Of The Funnel

At the very end of the funnel are highly qualified leads that require little effort before they convert to paying consumers.

These are the followers that engage with your posts frequently and demonstrate a convincing desire to purchase your offering.

To capitalize on such highly qualified leads, make sure you post at the right times. If your posts get lost in the newsfeed, all your efforts will not yield the results you’re after. You can use post scheduling software to get better engagement levels from people are interacting with your posts regularly.

Additionally, you need to develop great content that resonates with your followers so that they’re warmed up to your brand.

How Can You Make The Instagram Buyer’s Funnel More Effective

In addition to posting at the right time and engaging with your consumers, there are various other strategies that you can use to make your Instagram account a budding hub of hot leads.

Let’s take a look at some of the tactics available to the consumers:

Create A Brilliant Bio

Sample Image for Instagram Bio - Leads From Instagram

You can’t have clickable links in Instagram posts.

That’s where your bio comes in – come up with an optimized bio (150 characters max) that directly targets your audience and includes a well-curated link to your site, new products, or latest content in it.

You’re basically taking your prospects to the next step in the Instagram buyers’ funnel with the help of CTA’s in your posts that point towards your bio.

Remember: you’re only allowed one link in your bio, make sure it’s worth it.

Source: Bellroy

Just look at how Bellroy makes an impression with its bio – it has a call to action, with an emoji of a downward pointing finger taking leads directly to their products’ page.

It’s minimal, intuitive, and to the point. Plus, they have many different posts that tie into the same link.

Keep your bio up-to-date with the right link and description for your brand, making sure it’s consistent with the posts as well.

Organize Giveaways

Have you ever come across a free giveaway post on Instagram?

You must have been taken aback by the seemingly high number of comments and off-the-roof engagement such posts get. Entrepreneurs have long realized few things attract consumers more than a promise of a free giveaway.

Instagram Free Giveaway sample image - Leads From Instagram

Source: TheBeautySpy – A giveaway post invites heightened engagement.

This one is a win-win strategy. You can conduct free giveaways where you give your products for free to one lucky winner.

All they have to do is enter their information. In turn, this information augments your consumer database, increases brand awareness, and fills the top of your funnel with many, many more prospects.

Deploy User Generated Content

User-generated-content (UGC) includes images, videos, text, and audio, etc. that users make for you. Nothing attracts new buyers more than existing happy customers, so it’s only in your brand’s best interest to encourage people to post for you.

Stats show that buyers find UGC 9.8 times more effective than influencer-generated content when deciding to purchase.

UGC builds social proof – people on Instagram may be looking for products similar to yours, and when they see others happy with your products online, they’re motivated to go to your profile to check your brand out.

Your brand or business becomes more trustworthy as your existing customers excitedly share their thoughts and experiences of buying from you. This way, you get better engagement from users and social proof that consumers adore your product.

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