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Quality Content And What It Means For Your Website


In the modern age of DIY website creation, the number of websites has increased at an unprecedented rate.

However, not all websites qualify as a quality website.

Determination of a website’s quality can be a subjective issue – but there is one thing where experts, Google and the audience unanimously agreed upon as the vital core of a high-quality website. That is quality content.

What Is Quality Content?​

There’s the overused saying in the inbound marketing sphere, that ‘content is king.’

If that was true, every website featuring a blog would rank high. In reality, Google punishes websites that feature unstructured articles.

Ever since Google rolled out the Panda update, the focus has been on providing value to the customers.

The articles that show up in return for a query are filtered programmatically, to only show links that will hopefully satisfy the customer’s search.

This is only possible through original, unique and valuable content – quality content. It distinguishes your website from rivals and enables the message to resonate with the masses.

The design does not sell itself, it only enhances and complements the content present on your website.

The website design and graphics can be exemplary, but it won’t work without content, it only exists to serve as a support to the content present on the website.

Quality content is an evergreen lead generation tool, as it persuades consumers to keep coming back for more.

The great visual effect can lure the customer to stand the 5-second test, but ultimately it is the content that wins over the customer’s wallet.

Why Is Quality Content So Important? ​

Summarizing the importance of a quality content website is much like the adage of building a bridge over the sea.

However, here a few reasons why quality content is imperative for your online presence:

Quality Content Generates More Sales

The relationship between consumer trust and sale transactions is no trade secret.

Trusted vendors have enjoyed greater revenue throughout history by enabling trust through different mediums.

In this digital age, vendors need to establish trust by producing quality content.

An estimated 77% of people go through online content before opting for a purchase.

If you’ve invested in publishing thought leadership and authoritative blogs on your website, that percentage converts at your website.

Quality Content Serves The Business Longer

The hallmark of quality content is its extended lifespan.

It stands through the test of time and continues to provide value to the customer for years at an end.

There are various high quality ‘how-to’ articles or ‘beginner guides’ that have continued to provide help to users throughout their lifespan – and still, provide considerable value for consumers.

While newer, event-specific content is what dominates (and resonates) the most with consumers, it is vital to balance your blog with pieces of evergreen content that keeps on driving traffic to your website.

Quality Content Ranks Better

Websites and search engine rankings are a never-ending quest – and for a good reason.

Websites that rank on the first page suck up 90% of all online traffic, and the first three ranks drive up 62.6% in total.

If there’s one thing these stats demonstrate, it is the vitality for websites to rank high.

The easiest way to do it (besides spending significantly on paid search engine marketing) is by providing quality content.

Well-written content includes appropriate keyword usage and inbound links – and as they provide value to the consumers – coupled with significant traction on the website.

As SEO evolves, Google makes use of several hundred factors to determine website ranking, including the factors mentioned above.

By ensuring your website features quality content, not only will it rank better and higher – but also convert the increased traffic ensuring all-around optimization.

Content is only as good as the value it provides.

The thing that distinguishes professional writers from the not-so-good ones is that their content is clear without compromising on the value it provides to the customer.

Professional writers can be hard to find, we know because we’ve hired some of the best.

Osama Saeed

Osama is the Content Manager at Contech Corp. His role is linked with managing the team in ensuring our trademark quality - and everything in between. Outside work, he can be found laughing at memes and enjoying music.

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