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Social Media Management – How A Social Media Planner Can Help Your Business?


Businesses can no longer survive without a digital presence because an ever-growing market of their potential buyers goes online before they ever step into a shop.

Additionally, the increasing pool of global social media users also solidifies the importance of social media pages for businesses that want to get the most from their online presence.

Unfortunately, companies today build robust digital strategies only to watch them miss the mark during execution. According to McKinsey, dealing with these two areas (planning and execution) separately is why most businesses fail.

If you want to outdo your competition, you need to use a social media planner for the successful implementation of your online campaigns.

Social Media Marketing For Businesses

Back in the day, brick-and-mortar stores could only accommodate a certain number of walk-in customers in a day. And they had to depend on these customers to spread the word about their business or invest in expensive advertisements to generate interest.

The game has changed with the advent of social media.

Social is more cost-effective for businesses because they find more attention and better sales prospects here – after all, people spend more time scrolling their feeds than watching TV or reading newspapers. And that’s why businesses are now willing to spend more on their social media than on print ads.

Now, they can simply go online to access potential prospects. This has opened a massive window for social media marketing – from building awareness to encouraging purchases; everything can be done online within a few clicks.

Another core reason why SMM has become a crucial part of marketing strategies is that building an audience and providing customized buying experiences is now easier.

Besides, social media campaigns are far more cost-effective than BTL or ATL activities – providing startups with the opportunity to grow their brand by reaching out to wider audiences without allocating hefty budgets to marketing.

The good news here is that these opportunities are available to large conglomerates and small businesses alike – they can find buyers as long as they know how to reach prospects at the right time and place.

Integration Of Social Media Planners In Digital Marketing

Developing a digital strategy is undoubtedly tricky, but managing your marketing efforts across multiple platforms is an even bigger challenge.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the leading platforms on digital as of now, and each of these requires a unique marketing plan built on leading trends and proven patterns.

So, even if your business has a profile on all these platforms, managing so many pages efficiently would be a hassle – over time, this diminishes the effectiveness of your campaigns, and your audience forgets all about your business.

That’s where social media planners come into play.

You can use a social media marketing planner to automate campaigns and reach prospects on time and with the right message, no matter where they are online.

This tool helps you organize your efforts so you can make the most out of your online activities. Here’s how:

Don’t Miss Out On Key Notifications

Social media planners can notify you when your brand is mentioned in a post or comment across any platform – making it easier for you to monitor and manage potential PR issues.

On the other hand, if you can solve a pain-point for someone online, it may even create a positive image for your business.

People are also often quick to recommend and review services they like – with the right planner, you can keep track of such instances and thank them. This not only builds goodwill for your business but also creates opportunities for finding some quality user-generated content.

Cross-Platform Management Becomes Easier

Businesses can opt for social media planner templates to help them manage marketing collateral across multiple social platforms.

Hootsuite (a leading SSM tool) offers such templates with powerful capabilities, and it is used by over 15 million people globally. It reduces the time and effort that would otherwise be required to manage each account individually.

Moreover, managing content across different platforms is impossible without a massive team of social media managers at your disposal. But that’s why SM planners are so useful – they make it easier to strategize social media content so you know that the right post goes on the right platform at the right time.

Publish Posts During Peak Hours

Peak hours for all social platforms are different – a post that receives good engagement on Facebook at noon might perform well on Twitter after work-hours. But it can be challenging to post manually on all platforms at different times of the day even if you hire two separate shifts.

That’s where a social media marketing planner comes in.

With a social planner, you have the liberty to develop social media content in advance and place in the planner, so each post automatically gets published at the peak traffic hour on its respective platform.

Here’s some guidance from industry leader HubSpot on the best times to post for each social website.

Develop And Align Content In Advance

Although capitalizing on viral trends on-the-spot is always a great idea, the importance of preparing a content calendar in advance cannot be overlooked.

Lay down a bi-annual marketing strategy for your business and then develop your seasonal campaigns around it. Once the content is ready, it can be placed in a social media planner with specific dates and time to be published.

This way, you get to meet your business goals easily – with content already aligned, your schedule becomes clear, allowing you to focus on other vital aspects of business development.

Detailed Insights and Analysis Become Available

Once the social media content is published, the planning tool gathers analytics data about its performance. These insights help marketers to tweak the existing calendar, increase the frequency of content that performs best, and eliminate anything that does not offer a decent ROI.

In other words, a social media marketing plan can help you optimize your entire marketing campaign by providing you with valuable data.

In A Nutshell

Social media management may seem like a simple job, but as your digital marketing operations scale, it can become challenging to monitor and control.

That’s why marketers today are using social media planners that help them curate content, increase engagement, and stay ahead of time.

At Contech Corp, we utilize advanced social marketing tools to leverage unique insights which help us develop customized social media planners for your business. By creating carefully curated content that helps your brand connect with your audience – we guarantee increased brand recognition and leads.

Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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