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Top Digital Marketing Trends Of 2019 So Far


Today, digital marketing trends are all about being disruptive since modern-day consumers are very aware of what they want. This has led to a need for holistic campaigns and strategies that are based on customer experience (CX).

In fact, as per a recent study, 86% of clients will even pay more for better consumer experience.

This approach has driven marketing trends to evolve more rapidly than before – as users’ wants and needs vary, so do the strategies.

If you’re having a difficult time keeping up with rapid change, here are the top three digital marketing trends you need to adopt in 2019.


Customers today are impatient – they have questions, and they need fast answers. If you don’t adapt to meet their needs, 82% of them might move to your competitor in search of speedier response rates.

This has led to a rise of chatbots – automated software that can hold a conversation and answer up to 80% of routine questions.

Not only just that, but they can be used to suggest user-preferred content and generate website traffic – and even increase your conversion rates.

The best part is that they can be integrated with multiple platforms you are using for marketing, from websites to social media and even mobile apps.

Videos Refined For SEO​

Video marketing has emerged as one of the top trends in digital marketing in recent years. This is because more than 54% of consumers have reported a preference for video-based content.

As a result, marketers are now using video not just to increase brand visibility, but also to improve their SEO.

The battle between businesses and search algorithms has been long drawn out, and refining videos for SEO seems like a good tactic – at least until the next update.

You can incorporate SEO practices – such as keywords and backlinks – into your video title, description, closed captions, and even URL to increase your traffic and rank higher on the SERPs.


CX centered marketing strategies NEED to be personalized – remember, you’re not marketing AT your clients; you’re selling TO them.

Understanding the buyer persona is imperative to determine how best to put your business into the digital landscape for improved ROI and CRO.

Consider this: 44% of buyers said that they are more inclined to buy from a company that can deliver a personalized shopping experience.

You can personalize anything from your website content to targeted emails, social media, and video messages.

Adopting these three trends in 2019 is going to do wonders for your marketing campaigns and will take your engagement, traffic, ROI, and CRO up.

Osama Saeed

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