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Top SEO Audit Tools Of 2022 To Elevate Your Online Visibility

In today’s SEO-driven world, mastering search engine optimization is challenging and complex. Regardless of how well your business website ranks in search results, you still have to rely on SEO auditing and monitoring tools for most operations.

Google’s search algorithmic program is getting more intricate and sophisticated. There’s no longer a contest for keyword usage as Google’s algorithm has become more advanced, considering more than 200 factors when ranking a website.

It has also been found that every year the developers working at Google alter its search algorithm around 500 to 600 times, shocking, right? Hence, in order to keep your website ranking higher on the search engine results page (SERP), it’s vital to have a regular and effective website audit.

Here are the top SEO website auditing tool equipped with a specialized algorithm to dig deeper and discover SEO problems capable of compromising your web pages.

Top SEO Auditing Tools Of 2022 For Your Website

SEO auditing tools help you improve your ranking, optimize keyword relevance and enhance online visibility. Some of the tools highlighted below are free, and the paid packages we discuss also offer free plans. So do check pricing pages for more information.

Hubspot Website Grader

It’s an online free tool generating customized reports based on your website’s key metrics. Hubspot’s Website Grade allows you to enhance performance, user experience, mobile-friendliness, SEO, and web security. It offers valuable data about traffic and qualified leads helping marketers determine areas that need improvement.


SEMrush is among the top used tools in the search engine landscape, offering a compact yet comprehensive digital marketing suite with 40 plus tools. It specializes in competitor intelligence, keyword research, backlinks, paid advertisement analysis, rank tracking, social media tracking, and content optimization. It also provides an elaborated dashboard to its users with access to reports on website performance.


Ahrefs is a paid advanced SEO service specializing in analyzing and monitoring your website data. Not only this, it supports keyword generation, linking, and rating profiles which helps in making more informed content decisions. The main features of this tool include site exploration, content examination, website auditing, and keyword research.

Google Search Console

It’s among the best SEO tool that Google provides. The Google Search Console offers detailed information regarding the website’s traffic, performance, red flags, keywords, security, indexing issues, mobile usability tests, sitemaps, identifying broken links, and other concerning factors. It’s quite is seen as quite a handy tool for websites looking to improve their SEO practices.


Another SEO research, monitoring, and evaluating tool is SpyFu, an all-in-one marketing tool for your website. It unites several marketing tools to offer insights into your website’s SEO status while helping you make better decisions regarding keywords and content. It aids with competitor monitoring, backlink tracking, rank tracking, PPC research, and keyword searching.

Best Website SEO Auditing Tools Of 2022

Website SEO auditing expands your online visibility, enhances web performance, improves ranking in search engines, attracts qualified leads, and ultimately increases your sales.

We have highlighted the top 5 SEO tools that every marketing and online business owner should investigate further and invest in if they have the resources. Each of the tools listed above has its own unique twist. It’s recommended to consider leveraging multiple at a go so you don’t miss anything.

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