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Our business plan writing services stand out by promising you:

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Comprehensive Market Research And Analysis

To acquire reliable and current data, we scurry our our sources for authentic, meaningful, and relevant information regarding your industry. It’s pivotal that everything that goes into your presentation is backed up by experts and is worth including. There’s no limit to how deep you want us to dig to find out the latest news and facts.

From online blogs and articles to academic research papers, we’re experienced with finding unique insights from anywhere on the web. To provide useful insights that influence the business strategy and financial estimates in the business plan, we examine market trends, competitors, and customer demographics.

Professional Structure And Format

We comply with the industry-required format and business plan structure, ensuring the document is well-structured, simple to read, and effectively communicates the company's mission and goals. Our expert structuring and formatting increase the legitimacy and professionalism of the company strategy. It doesn’t matter how big or small your brand is, we want you to be seen as someone who’s ready to make progress.

Timely Delivery

We try to provide our services within the predetermined time frame since we recognize the value of timing in company planning. Partnering with us means your schedule is our schedule so we prioritize your deadlines as if they were our own.

Our team puts out a lot of effort to ensure the business plan is finished and provided to our clients on time, enabling them to fulfill their deadlines and advance with their business goals.

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Customized Business Plan

We are aware that every company is different, so we cater our business plan writing services to each client’s requirements. Our aim is to research the nature of your industry from the inside out and figure out what your business is contributing. Each strength you uphold leads to a stronger business plan.

We collaborate closely with our clients to compile all the necessary data regarding their company, sector, target market, and goals before creating a thorough and unique business plan that aligns with their aims and objectives. If you find our research lacking, we’ll be actively taking your input as well to further understand your brand identity.

Investor Pitch Deck

In addition to the business plan, we produce investor pitch decks that offer a succinct and aesthetically appealing description of the company’s concept, business plan, and financial projections. We’ve developed a clear understanding of what investors in each industry are looking for. That allows us to paint a perfect picture of your business that resonates. 

Our presentation decks are made to clearly explain the business’s value proposition to prospective investors and partners. We go above and beyond to find unique selling points within your brand that capture interest from investors. We examine existing investor pitches that have made an impact to build our knowledge of how your pitch can exceed those standards.

Business Plan Review And Editing

Customers who already have a business plan but want to improve its quality, accuracy, and efficacy can use our business plan review and editing services. We’ll study their history to find out where they’re falling behind and which areas they need to improve upon in order to develop stronger connections with investors. 

To ensure the business plan satisfies the highest standards, our staff carefully evaluates it while offering recommendations and enhancements. These modifications can be based on your specific needs and requirements, but if you’d like us to carry the directions for improvement as well, we’ll be happy to put our best researchers and editors to work.


Customized Business Plan Development

Market Research And Analysis

Financial Projections And Analysis

Strategic Planning

Professional Structure And Formatting

Business Plan Review And Editing

Why Brands Trust Us With Thier Content Needs

“As with most startups, we knew a thing or two about using business plans but we didn’t know much about creating one. So, we turned to Contech. Their writing services went above and beyond what I expected. Every stage of the process, from market research to formatting, showed their meticulous attention to detail and level of competence. They created a business strategy that was thorough, perceptive and well-suited to my demands.”

Mei Chen
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

“Working with Contech was a pleasure. No other content writing agency comes even close to how far they’re willing to go. Their crew was attentive and responsive and took the time to comprehend my business objectives. 
The way they put in collaborative efforts to customize our proposals further is truly amazing. They created a bespoke business plan that was thorough, organized, and exactly matched my vision. You guys are the epitome of customizable solutions.”

Javier Ramirez
Director of Marketing

“Some business ideas are pretty easy to transform into a visual document, others are not. I wasn’t sure how to turn my proposal into a visually appealing presentation, so I took some professional help from Contech. I am incredibly pleased with their business plan writing services. Instead of seeing my proposal as too unconventional, they embraced its unique nature as a strength. My business idea was successfully transformed into a strong and organized business strategy. Realistic financial estimates that were based on careful market analysis were made.”

Ibrahim Al-Mansoori
Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Strategy Comprehension

We go above and beyond to understand what you do and how you do it better than others. Every brand has a unique selling points and we help you embrace yours.



We study successful business plans and highlight their strengths and integrate them in your presentation to unlock your business's full financial potential.



Business plans can be quite detailed and you have to juggle multiple factors while presenting them. We optimize everything from readability to authenticity and more.



From the opening and closing to the order of subjects, we organize your whole plan within a format that’s proven to make an impact.



We craft presentations that keep your audience engaged throughout, using storytelling and interactive elements to make a lasting impression.



We provide guidance and coaching for confident audience delivery, enhancing your presentation's impact and effectiveness.

Why Choose Contech For Your Business Plans and Presentation?

Choosing the right partner is essential to your success in writing an effective business plan. You need someone has a thorough understanding of your industry, and recognizes what makes your brand special. Contech checks those boxes for several reasons.

Years of expertise in writing business plans for various industries and business kinds have been accumulated by our team of professional writers and business specialists. Our extensive knowledge of market research, financial analysis, and industry trends caters to every business plan we create.

We recognize how important it is to tailor each programplan to match the specific requirements of our clients. That’s why we take pride in our ability to provide:

  • High-quality, personalized business plans that help companies draw investors
  • Unique expertise to many clients over the years by understanding their specific needs
  • Affordable rates for all businesses

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Our Process

Initial Consultation And Research

To begin with, we arrange a preliminary meeting with you to learn about the objectives, vision, and needs. Our staff will then carry out extensive research and analysis to compile market statistics, industry trends, and other pertinent information. We will perform a SWOT analysis on your firm to determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Writing, Editing And Reviewing

Our talented writers will subsequently include the information obtained and the tactics created in the company plan. We'll ensure the plan has pertinent components, including an executive summary, a business overview, a market study, marketing strategies, and financial predictions. We will send you the first draft of the business plan for review as soon as it is finished. We will collaborate closely with you, take your suggestions into account, and make the necessary adjustments.

Finalization And Delivery

We will finalize the document, format it professionally, and provide it to you in the requested format, whether it's a Word document, PDF, or any other preferred format, once all edits are finished and you are satisfied with the business plan. In addition to helping you with any upcoming changes or modifications, our staff is accessible to give advice and support as you put the business plan's strategies into action.

Create Customized Business Plans With Contech

We are the go-to choice for companies needing a polished and thorough business plan thanks to our knowledge of the sector, attention to detail, and dedication to quality. To get started, get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation. To fully grasp your company’s goals and create a special plan that aligns with your vision, our staff will collaborate and work closely with you.


Funding Success

Increase your chances of securing financing, fueling business growth and development with Contech's effective business plan.

Strategic Clarity

Achieve strategic clarity, enabling informed decisions and goal prioritization through Contech's comprehensive business plan.

Enhanced Credibility

Boost credibility, attracting trusted partners and customers who believe in your vision, thanks to Contech's professional plan.


Execute successful strategies, leading to greater profitability and long-term growth with our solid business plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business plan acts as a growth strategy for your company. It thoroughly justifies the objectives, plans, and financial forecasts of your business. A strong business plan is crucial for obtaining funding, luring investors, and directing the day-to-day operations of your company.

To start with the draft of your business plan, you must include specifics about your venture, like your objectives, target market, goods or services, market analysis, and financial data. Our experts will help you gather the necessary data and guide you through the process.

The complexity and size of your business will determine how long it takes to finish a business plan. Usually, a detailed business plan is completed in 2-4 weeks. However, the schedule is subject to vary based on factors such as revisions, feedback, and the need for additional research.

Certainly, we are aware that you might want to make changes to the business plan. We provide a revision procedure so that you can give input and ask for modifications to make sure the completed business plan satisfies your requirements. We work hard to make sure you’re happy with the outcome.

Yes, all information supplied to us for drafting business plans is kept in complete confidence. Without your permission, we never disclose your information to a third party. We also follow stringent data protection guidelines to keep your information secure.