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With a team of skilled product description writers, our product copies are guaranteed to meet your target audience’s search intent. 

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Get persuasive product descriptions for your business from our expert writers. 

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Precise Product Descriptions

The #1 common product description problem we've seen is that people overpromise what the product can do. Not only do over-the-top claims sound generic, but they also may not convey the intended message. You need a product description writing service that earns customers' trust without the unnecessary frills.

Our approach focuses on authenticity and precision, ensuring your product descriptions resonate genuinely with your audience and build lasting credibility. Let your product shine through honest and impactful descriptions that speak directly to your customers' needs.

A Consistent Tone

Every brand needs a voice. And it must resonate throughout every web copy, including product descriptions. When you hire product description writing services, you ensure that this brand voice is carried on through and through. Professional product description writers understand your brand's tone and craft compelling content that aligns seamlessly with your identity, enhancing the overall user experience and driving customer engagement.

Help You Reach The Ideal Buyer

Effective product copy is crucial to engage the target audience. Apart from describing the product, it should also emphasize the benefits of owning the product. Expertly crafted sales copy highlights your product's unique selling points and captures visitors' attention.

Contech's expertise in crafting product copy ensures an informative message that resonates with visitors, encouraging them to pay attention and discover your product's value.

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Technical Product Description

Crafting technical product descriptions requires a keen eye for detail and an understanding of complex features. Contech elaborates intricate specifications, functionalities, and applications clearly and concisely.

 A technical product description aims to provide potential buyers with in-depth information, ensuring they comprehend the product’s capabilities and make informed decisions. This service is essential for industries where precision and functionality are paramount, and Contech’s expertise provides a nuanced and comprehensive approach.

SEO-Optimized Product Descriptions

Contech goes beyond conventional product narratives by offering SEO-optimized product descriptions. These descriptions are strategically crafted to enhance online visibility, incorporating relevant keywords and search terms. 

With us by your side, this service ensures that your product ranks higher in search engine results, effectively reaching a broader audience. Beyond mere communication of product value,  SEO-optimized descriptions leverage best practices to attract potential customers actively searching for specific products online.

Storytelling Descriptions

Moving beyond the traditional listing of features, Contech weaves narratives around products, creating emotional connections with the audience. This approach engages consumers by presenting the product in a context that resonates with their needs or aspirations. 

Particularly effective in industries where brand identity and consumer experience are pivotal, Contech’s storytelling descriptions transform products into narratives that consumers can relate to and envision incorporating into their lives.


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Why Brands Trust Us With Their Content Needs

“We’re extremely happy with the product descriptions that they provide. We found them to be extremely responsive and receptive to our suggestions and open to making changes.”


This is our 7th month working with Contech Corp. While we usually ask them to work on our website’s blog, we recently asked them to work on a few product descriptions. We were thrilled to see that they don’t follow a cookie-cutter format. They engage with the reader instead of simply describing the product.


“The best thing about Contech is that it’s very cost-effective. They’ve been helping us churn out high-quality content, including blogs, newsletters, and product descriptions. Let’s just say that they never fail to live up to our expectations!”


Outpace Rivals

Your customers are comparing products from various businesses. So utilizing our impactful product description can be the game-changer that sets you apart from the competition.

Easier To Search Products

Organic traffic is vital for e-commerce success. Our well-crafted product descriptions can help your shop show up higher in search results and bring in more of these visitors.

Adding Relevant Keywords

We help you leverage the benefits of integrating relevant keywords into your product descriptions to improve your SERP rankings and increase the chances of conversion.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

High bounce rates can hurt your SERP rankings. Our team writes engaging product descriptions that can keep visitors on your webpage for longer, reducing bounce rates.

Better Conversions

Our experts write compelling product description for you that help drive more sales and transform leads into loyal clients, making your marketing efforts truly effective.

The Power of Persuasion

Uncover how a well-crafted product description serves as a persuasive tool, convincing potential clients why your product is a must-have solution for their needs.

Boost Your Sales with Our Product Description

As a business, a resounding product description is your chance to convince visitors to buy your product. Hire product description writers who guarantee you copy that converts!

At Contech, you’ll be getting industry expert writers dedicated to complementing your top-notch products with apt, SEO-optimized descriptions to help visitors decide in your favor. To start the process, fill out this form with all your details, and we’ll reach out to you.

Enhance your sales with the support of a professional product description writing company. Our writers create seasonal product descriptions, ensuring your offerings connect effectively with your audience. We offer quick turnaround times and dedicated customer support to prepare your engaging descriptions for the market.


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Our Process

Gathering Insights And Analysis

We start by comprehensively understanding your product, its unique features, benefits, and your target audience. This step involves detailed research and analysis to gather all necessary insights.

Crafting Compelling Descriptions

Our team of experienced writers crafts engaging, SEO-friendly product descriptions. Each description is tailored to highlight the product's key attributes, benefits, and solutions it offers to your customers' needs.

Refinement And Client Approval

We refine and polish the descriptions based on your feedback. Ensuring alignment with your brand's tone and style, we present you with refined, high-quality descriptions for your approval and implementation.

Product Descriptions That Aim To Sell

Contech. brings skill and industry knowledge to its product writing services. Our experts create crisp,
high-converting product descriptions that are sure to drive sales.

Enhanced Product Visibility

Elevating product visibility through compelling, SEO-optimized descriptions that resonate with your audience and search engines.

Increased Customer Engagement

Boosting customer engagement by offering informative, captivating descriptions that drive interest and encourage action.

Improved Conversion Rates

Enhancing conversion rates by presenting clear, persuasive descriptions that communicate the value and benefits of your products.

Consistent Brand Voice

Maintaining a consistent brand voice and tone across all descriptions, reinforcing brand identity and trust among customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to our expert product description writers, the ideal length of a product description is somewhere between 100 – 400 words. It can, however, exceed this limit if your product includes a wide range of features.

Our tried and tested formula for optimizing your product page is a combination of unique content and the best SEO practices in tandem with the objectives of your business.

Nope! Our professional writers are experts in various industries. We’ll assign your project to the writer we know will be able to adopt the tone of your voice the best. They know exactly how to create a copy that follows your brand’s image and makes it fully your content.

Contech Corp. has a wide network of some of the most talented product description writers all over the world. With our roster, we’re confident we can connect you to an industry expert who not only understands your target market and customers but can convey your brand’s voice.

We strongly believe that to produce a good piece of copy, it’s essential to put ourselves in the buyer’s shoes. To predict user intent, our experts look at exactly what the customer is looking for and how they will respond to your product.