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Embrace The Power Of Social Media For Business

Social media has changed the game for brands in the digital age by revolutionizing how they engage with their target market.
We, at Contech, know how to create a content strategy for social media with insightful data.

Redefining Boundaries In The Social Landscape

Take your social media strategies by the storm as we offer:

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Elevated Social Media Strategy

Begin a transforming journey with us! Just tell us which marketing direction you want to take and what goals you’re working towards. We’ll take care of everything from there. We’ll cover your engagement rates, interactions, brand awareness, SEO, content ideas, and pretty much everything else.

We aim to spark your conversion rates by creating a social media campaign that drives your brand to greater heights and even greater results. You may think that’s challenging because of how oversaturated every platform is these days, but for our experienced writers, it’s a walk in the park. They’ve worked with hundreds of brands like yours and helped them dominate their conversion rates.

Video Animations That Spark Engagements

Never underestimate the potential of visual content. With our video animations, unlock the power of visual storytelling and witness how the most powerful aspects of your business can be illustrated into a magical form. Our captivating videos crafted for social media connect deeply with your audience, igniting engagement and inspiring lasting connections. We can guarantee that our animations will create a new standard for what kind of content you like to work with.

Outgrow With Strategic Outreach Partnerships

Use strategic alliances to promote your company.We’ve got experience with business collaborations, referral marketing, influencer marketing, UGC, and more. We can help you reach out to the right people and build long-lasting connections with them.

The growth of your social circle is our responsibility. Our comprehensive solutions enable you to broaden your reach, interact with new audiences and grow. The more you do, the more your brand will be noticed by new demographics, making room for new opportunities for your business.

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Producing High-end Social Media Graphics

Visual content stands in a league of its own, especially on social media platforms. Our expert team at Contech specializes in delivering high-quality results and in creating social media graphics that elevate your online presence. Whether it’s a vector background or infographic layout, we aim for designs that compel and convert. 

We believe in the power of originality, providing customized visuals that resonate with your audience. Stand out in the crowd with our captivating animated graphics! The vibrant nature of these animations really stand out. They’re perfect for when you’re announcing an upcoming event or juge sale.

Crafting Quality Social Media Content

Creating content for social media marketing that aligns with your unique voice is what we do. We memorize the language your brand wants to speak in and cater all your posts in that language. Your page on every platform should reflect your uniqueness in the industry. 

Our talented team specializes in crafting persuasive and eye-catching copy for your social media postings. We ensure that every word leaves a lasting impression, whether through fascinating captions, intriguing headlines, or impactful messaging. Instead of simply scrolling past your post, users will stop by to interact and engage.

Creating A Strong Online Presence That Calls For Attention

We specialize in creating a social media plans strategiesy for small businesses with impactful strategies and effective techniques. We devise an effective marketing campaign with your help and jot down all the key content areas you want to cover in that campaign. 

Our team also analyzes your current profiles, content, and engagement analytics to identify areas for improvement and untapped prospects. From there, we strategically schedule your posts in an order where each one would leave a significant impact. Our ultimate goal is to drive tangible results for your business.


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Client Testimonials

We’d been building our brand’s presence on Linkedin for nearly 5 years, but we never got the traction we were looking for. That brough us to this external social media content agency that offered to help us out. Contech transformed our social media strategy. Their creative insights and expertise on utilizing trends have quickly led to a 150% increase in our engagement rates.

Alex M.

Competition in social media marketing is always so overwhelming that most startups can never seem to find their mark. Same was the case with us, as we didn’t have the resources to truly let people know about our business on socials. Fortunately, we got in touch with Contech and they really produced some amazing results that left our team quite impressed. The graphics and content produced by Contech are supreme. We’ve got dozens of infographics made by them and some really powerful reels that did wonders for us on Instagram. They truly understand our brand voice and resonate with our audience.

Jordan K.

We wanted to play it safe with our social media marketing. We decided to stick to a specific platform at the beginning and grow there with the help of a professional marketing agency. Soon, we found our answers for where to start and who to start with. We ventured into TikTok marketing with Contech, and from the start, the results have been phenomenal. I didn’t think they could do much for a brand that has little to no presence, but they really surpassed all our expectations. Their understanding of trends and audience preferences is top-notch and really helps us connect with our TikTok audience.

Liam P.


Memorizing Your Industry From Scratch

To give your page a professional persona, our team at Contech commits to deep research and understand what your industry values.


Tackling Your Marketing Challenges

We are more than aware of the tedious obstacles many startups face in the marketing department. That’s why we’re here to make things easy.


Highlighting Your Industry Expertise

Your profile across the web should reflect how well-versed you are in the industry and how much you’ve contributed to get here.


Understanding Your Consumers

We prioritize your target demographics’ needs, demands, pain poins, focus poins, and everything that could bring them to a page like yours.


Maximizing Resource Use

Technology allows us to be more innovative and creative by spending less. We make ourselves futureproof and we share the advantages with you.


Market Positioning

At the end of the day, your services should have a position in the market along with all the leading brands you’re racing against.

Elevate Your Social Media Presence With Our Top-Notch Services

Are you looking to elevate your social media game and establish a strong online presence? We provide top-notch social media services that help businesses like yours thrive digitally. 

Our team specializes in developing strategies that increase the visibility and reach of your business. We analyze your target audience, industry trends, and competitor insights to create a custom-tailored approach that connects with your target demographic and helps you stand out.

Are you looking to find someone to createtrong social media presence? Professionals at Contech are always ready to bring you: 

  • A definitive social media presence for your brand across all platforms.
  • Social media content that attracts attention, inspires conversations.
  • Compelling visuals and captions 
  • Industry-relevant campaign ideas that connect you with your target audience.

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Our Process

Strategy Discovery And Development

We start by understanding your business, goals, and target audience. This helps us modify our strategies to your unique needs. Based on our discovery, we craft a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with your objectives and resonates with your audience.

Content Creation And Implementation

Then our creative heads produce the best content, from engaging posts to captivating reels, ensuring your brand stands out. Any type of content you need for any specific platform, we bring it to life with the help of our expert writers, editors, and designers. Following the creation of content, we deploy the strategy. Each post, ad, or campaign is launched at the optimal time for maximum engagement. We cater these schedules according to your campaign.

Monitoring And Optimizing Analytics

We don’t publish and leave. But we monitor the performance of our strategies with advanced tools, providing you with detailed reports and insights. From engagement rates to conversions, we supervise every metric and even handle the comments at your posts. Based on the analytics, we continuously refine our approach, ensuring your social media presence remains dynamic and impactful.

Social Profiles That Compel And Convert

So, are you ready to transform your image across all social media platforms? Contact us today and we’ll start consulting.
In order to provide you with top-notch service, we’ll ask you about the brand, where it stands, and what you’re planning to achieve
with an improved social presence. Then, we can start crafting your strategy.

Save On Social Media Marketing

Stop wasting resources on various content types. Contech manages your presence affordably.

Be Recognized As An Industry Expert

Transform the reputation of your business leaders as they’re seen as thought leaders of the industry.

A Presentable Face For Your Brand

Step out of your startup face and let people know how active and progressive your brand really is.

Engagement From All Ends

Bringing all sorts of content to the table means that your potential engagement rate will be doubled.

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, X, LinkedIn, and more.

Success is measured using a combination of metrics such as engagement rate, reach, conversions, and ROI. We provide detailed reports to keep you informed.

Yes! We offer flexible packages tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

We provide monthly performance reports. However, you can get bi-weekly or weekly reports if needed.

Our data-driven approach and result-oriented process, combined with a deep understanding of current social media trends, sets us apart. We focus on delivering tangible results that drive business growth.