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No matter your business industry or audience, our content writers are ready to craft a whitepaper that’ll rapidly produce results

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Our best whitepaper services carry a standard that prioritizes:

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Original, Exclusive, Effective Content

Our web content writers have more than enough experience to know your brand'swhat your brand needs and how it can stand out in the market..

They’ll bring you 100% original whitepapers, crafted through deep industry research, proven whitepaper strategies, and a unique look that suits your product under your brand’s spotlight.

SEO For All Niches

Our White Paper writers will learn your marketing language and write digital marketing content. They prioritize ensuring that every White Paper is enhanced with professionally analyzed and applied keyword optimization techniques.

Your Input

We will finish your White Paper ahead of time and take your feedback on every phase of the process and apply it proficiently.

To top it off, we’ll be taking your feedback actively through each and every step, so we can make the necessary changes according to your vision.

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Optimizing Top Research Techniques

Your front page needs to be inviting yet informative. We can attract customers without holding back on the details. From discoveries to statistics, our White Paper writing specialists will go above and beyond to communicate with the specialized audience. We can educate, inspire, and engage – all in a single White Paper service.

Igniting Your Brand’s Strengths

All you need to do is tell us who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to achieve as a brand. We’ll paint your identity by planning, writing, designing, developing, and publishing your one-of-a-kind white paper. Once we’re done, you’ll find a white paper that embraces your brand’s core values.

Updating You All the Way

Delivering your project ahead of time has always been our top priority. Once we do, you get plenty of time to review the white paper and provide your remarks. Anything you want to change? Say no more. Our customer service will gladly take your criticism and pass it on to our editors.


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Let Our Content Expertise And Authenticity Speak For Itself

“Turning our idea into a startup always came off as pretty challenging because of all the work ahead of us and the industry standards, but once we started working with Contech’s brilliant content writers, we really felt like winners who stood a chance in the market. Contech’s writers were three steps ahead of us. They clearly understood what we were going for and what we wanted to highlight, and even asked us more questions to improve their performance. 10/10. Can’t wait to work with you guys again.”

Mavis Poland
CEO of BartonTechs

“I didn’t even know white papers mattered until I got my first one made from Contech. They really turned things around for me as I quickly went from a newcomer in the industry to a culinary pro. Within a few white papers, more and more people began to realize my knowledge and expertise as a passionate chef, and I began to gain a solid following on all platforms. With their outstanding grip on content and design, Contech has turned me into someone people classify as an overlooked gem. I look forward to trying out their other content and marketing services.”

Amber Lockley
Chief of Creamy Boats

“If you’re a dreamer who doesn’t know what he’s doing in terms of content and marketing, Contech was made for you. Trust me when I say that these guys changed my startup in a way I never could’ve imagined. The amount of experience they hold really speaks for itself as they were able to generate original content ideas for my whitepapers that even my own team couldn’t think of. The writers here understand where you’re struggling, yet they still manage to transform your white papers into something out of this world. You’ll never get any boring or mediocre results from these guys. Excellent service.”

Ivan Edward
Head of Knots So Fast


Instant Targeted Traffic

We target your audience’s specific needs by understanding their trending buyer’s persona. Our team crafts content that strikes them with a blow.



At Contech, our team always stays on top of the industry, so we know how to personalize and integrate your brand identity to your white paper.



The final piece we deliver doesn't require any final touches. We’ve got professionals to edit, review, and proofread your white paper content.


Boost Brand Awareness

We give your brand a persona that expands in the market on its own. You’ll find more leads and conversions on your doorsteps in a matter of days.


Thought Pioneer

In order for you to reach new heights, we work with industry-relevant insights to assert your business’s spot as a top thought leading agency.


Rapid Revisions

We’ll be keeping you updated on the process as we go along. At any point, if you need us to revise a step, we’ll gladly make it work with no extra charge

Looking For A White Paper Writing Service You Can Rely On?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. By signing up for our affordable content writer services, you’ll have access to hundreds of dedicated White Paper copywriters withholding expertise in data collection and representation expertise. With our grip on the online content game, your website will be building traffic at a remarkable rate.

white paper is a crucial contributor to your digital presence, but any part of online growth feels like it requires constant supervision over rising trends and new marketing strategies. Well, that’s where Contech comes in. Our priority has always been to focus on the grey line between what you want to say and what your audience wants to hear. 

Our professional white paper copywriters balance both aspects on a platform that suits the tone and image of your industry. With this strategy, we’ve developed plenty of white papers and spotlighted numerous struggling brands brought numerous struggling brands to the spotlight.

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Our Process

Doing The Research

Once you tell us your idea, we need to know where it could stand on the market. For this, we do ample in-depth research that includes generating new insights and working with statistical data. We can’t create a persuasive page until we have all our facts straight, so we make sure everything we have is 100% authentic..

Drafting The Introduction

Now, we’re ready to craft your white paper, starting with a captivating introduction. Our white paper writers are used to turning visitors into customers with the title and first paragraph alone. From there, we jump straight into your brand and its core values. We open up with captivating industry insights and demonstrate how your services play into that data. Every part of the draft is optimized to be informative and drive persuasion for consumers, investors, and industry experts.

Formatting The Content

Once we finish all the white paper content, it’s time to make everything readable. From stylized headings to infographics, we use every technique in the book to organize the document in a visually appealing way. Our grasp over content stretches beyond design and visual optimization, so you can rest assured, your whitepaper will come out looking unique and engaging

Revolutionize Your Brand Image

Every white paper gives your product a face of its own. In order to perfect that face, we prioritize immersive research and professional formatting techniques in each section of your white paper. Each block of content is guaranteed to raise your SEO potential so your brand can be noticed by the search engines. 

Affordable Whitepapers

Save your resources by hiring professional content writers at reasonable rates.

Responsive Layouts for All Devices

Your page will be designed to look smooth and easy-to-navigate across all devices.

Tested Whitepapers Ready For Upload

Every whitepaper is reviewed by our team of expert marketers and industry professionals.

Engagement Guaranteed

With our quality whitepapers on your website, you’ll actively receive new leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

An expert White Papers copywriting service can help you save time without compromising quality. Every user checking your White Paper will associate your brand image with your digital content. Your proposal must be informative, persuasive, and engaging to effectively captivate newcomers and knowledgeable clients effectively. With Contech Corp’s web content writer services, this quality can be achieved without hiring for extra skills.

Considering the long and due process of constructing a presentable White Paper, the exact time will depend on your White Paper’s objective and topic. A compelling argument needs to be built around a thorough investigation. So, the amount of research required can vary depending on your industry. An average White Paper can be finished in 2 to 4 weeks.

Our White Paper writing services are known for being more affordable and budget-friendly than most content creation services out there. We understand the demand for White Paper writers in the digital marketing industry and seek to provide top-notch White Paper services to anyone looking to take their brand image to the next level. To get a quote for the exact price according to your needs, feel free to contact us today.

Yes, we openly offer ghostwriting services so you can obtain full ownershiprights over your White Paper once purchased and delivered. You’re free to use the content for any of your business needs without crediting us.

Of course. If you’re uncertain and want a clear idea of our style and capabilities, you can reach out to us for a sample piece. We’ve written White Papers for hundreds of clients, so we can provide you with the most suitable one for your brand needs.