Work Culture

Our Team Thrives In A Comfortable And Collaborative Environment Where New Ideas Are Always Welcomed And Rewarded
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Obsessed With Innovation – Driven By Passion

We know for a fact that our employees are a lot more than just a person hired for a set number of tasks each day. Driven by our obsessive passion towards learning, our team members are never limited to their job descriptions – Contech Corp, is a place to learn, thrive, and grow!

If you’re passionate about writing, design, strategy, or analytics, we want to hear from you! 

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Encouraging A Healthy Lifestyle

As a marketing-tech company obsessed with innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and creative ingenuity, we take that obsession to heart in everything we do, including our team. Encouraging a healthy work-life balance does not only help our employees stay motivated, it also helps them give their best.

One Team, One Vision

Through our unique and diverse culture, which takes a lot of different forms – from rooftop meetings to random lunch and dessert plans – we strive to enrich our innovative spirit and use it to create an atmosphere that encourages growth.

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